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Weekends For Two Of Us

My husband attended the Japanese kindergarten with Lily to join the Father's day event on Saturday.
So I'm kind of off that day. I went to the shopping area in Solana beach with Koto.

But you know, I gave up browsing after I visited to see at one shop because she got completely bored and she was a quite handful there.
Then we walked back to the playground close from there.
(Her carseat looks not clean, doesn't it? She ate the soybean powder candy there the other day^^;)

On Sunday, he guided his coworkers to some sightseeing places. We met up and had a lunch at the beautiful Japanese restaurant in Del Mar. After that, Koto and I said good-bye to them and headed to there.

Solana Beach!!

I was suppose to go to the Del Mar beach, however, I cuoldn't find a place to park my car. So I came here 2days in row close from there.

I hadn't spent such a time only for Koto. I can say this is the second one's destiny;)


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I Assure She Is My Child

Wow. It's already Saturday.
I try to live one day at a time, but unbelievably time just flies.

I tend to prioritize Lily's things more than Koto's. But after my friend and I started to take turns to babysit our kids, Koto's having much more fun time.

That day is my turn to babysit them.

They were both asking me to hold them up

They both found the duck in the pond.

They both played house.(They did't interact each other normally but they scranbled for those toys. )

The other day, after my friend baby sit her, she took a nap right after we got home.
She must had a fun time there and also got tired to scramble for toys with Ayana.

After the preschool, Lily was also having a good time at the playground near my house.

That night, she asked me after dinner, "Mommy, may I eat a yogurt for dessert?"
After she ate that and I looked into the fridge...Wow!

Lily, there should be the other way to open it.

I also used to be that kind of kid. Yes, definitely she is my child;)


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Art Presents

We were invited to dinner that night, so we went home after Lily's Japanese kindergarten on Saturday. I needed to let Koto take a nap before going out again.

During her nap, Lily asked me to paint together. So we started doing it at the terrace.


We enjoyed to do it in a quiet weekend afternoon.

Oops! Koto woke up!
Koto liked to mess up, so then I took shower with Koto.
Lily painted for two families that we were to see tonight.
However, she forgot to bring them. Then she insisted that she promised to give them next time for sure.
I don't know they want it or not lol!

We had delicious rib-eye steaks and amazing dishes.
I reconfirmed the rib-eye meat at costco was the best!

(An addition)
Koto recently likes to be naked...

she put her sunglasses on her tummy...腹にサングラスしてる、、
Just in case, I hid some with paints. She may be get mad at me posting her without clothes lol
She was posing.

By the way, Max, guinea-pig at Lily's preschool, was staying at my house over the weekends:)


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On Thursday

I don't know why, but I'm very sleepy these days. Am I tired? Or am I young like a teenager? We used to oversleep on weekends when we were young, right?
Maybe the first one is correct for me.

The Thursday was the firsty ballet class for Lily.
Look at her smile:)

She had been asking " mommy, am I going to take the ballet today" everyday since more than 1 week ago.
Finally I was fed up with answering to her the same thing, and I said to her "That's enough!!"
I know I didn't behave as a good mother to her. I know.
But can you be patient when she asked the same question more than 50!?
I know. anyway, I wanted to excuse about it.

After the class, Lily and Koto enjoyed at the playground next to the ballet place.

I guess she wanted to put on such a cute ballet uniform.
I ordered all of them online.
If I took her to the store to get them, she would be too excited to finish buying them.

(An addition)
This morning, when I dropped Lily off at the preschool, the gardener and I talked about loquats outside there.
In gardens of houses in San Diego, the trees with a lot of loquats are found, but they doesn't seem to be eaten. I assume it's because asian fruits and nobody knows it tastes good.
He said he eats them often.

When I was about to leave the parking area, he rushed to pick and bring them to my car:) What a nice guy he was!

He advised me to wait until it would ripe. I can't wait to taste it:)!
Lily also had them for a snack there, she said they ate them with skin.
She told me it was tasty.
We, Japanese, usually peel the skin in Japan. That's interesting!

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The Other Day

My friend and I have taken turns in babysitting our kids, so I have my free time once a week in morning.
I was jogging a little that day after I dropped off Lily at the preschool

It was very hot day, so I jogged looking for shade^^;

Even though a little jogging, I felt so good.

After that I enjoyed to brouse in the craft store for the first time in a while.

After picking Koto and Lily up, we headed to the swimming pool in my condo.

My naighbor and his 2-year-old son were also there. Lily played with him in the pool. So we were there right before getting dark^^

(The addition)
I couldn't understand why Koto was doing like that lol

She was playing putting on the bag for a while.


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